RoadReady Solutions: DOT Random Drug Testing Program

DOT Random Drug Testing Program

49 CFR §382.305


The 49 CFR §382.305 Random Testing Program Compliance Package is a comprehensive solution designed for transportation businesses required to comply with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) regulations on random drug and alcohol testing. This regulation mandates that employers in the transportation sector implement a random testing program for commercial driver’s license (CDL) holders who operate commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) on public roads.

This package offers a step-by-step guide on establishing a compliant random testing program, including setting up testing pools, determining testing rates, selecting employees for testing, and handling the notification and testing process in a confidential manner. It also provides essential resources such as policy templates, procedural checklists, and educational materials to ensure that both employers and employees understand their responsibilities under the law.

By implementing the strategies and practices outlined in this compliance package, businesses can enhance workplace safety and ensure they are meeting FMCSA requirements. A robust random testing program acts as a deterrent against drug and alcohol misuse, contributing to safer roads and protecting the public from the dangers associated with impaired driving.

$175 per driver, annually
This cost includes all testing fees

Purchase DOT Random Drug Testing per driver/per yr


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