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Understanding FMCSA Agricultural HOS Exemptions

Agricultural Commodity Exception defined:

This is a special rule for drivers transporting agricultural products. These drivers don’t have to follow the standard HOS rules if they are moving agricultural commodities within 150 air-miles (about 172.6 miles on the road) from where the commodities were sourced.

Specific Exemptions:

Transporting Agricultural Commodities

If a driver is transporting agricultural products from where they were produced to a location within 150 air-miles, the standard HOS rules don’t apply during planting and harvesting periods, as defined by each state.

Transporting Farm Supplies

The exemption also applies to drivers moving farm supplies for agricultural purposes. This includes going from wholesale or retail points to farms or other places where they will be used, as long as it’s within 150 air-miles from the point of distribution.

Who Qualifies for the Exemption?

The exemption isn’t limited to any specific type of carrier or operator. Eligibility depends on the nature of the load, the source and destination of the load, and the distance from the source.